Sai Teerth, Shirdi

Sai Teerth Sai Baba at India's first ever immersive devotional theme park. With 4 major attractions, Sai Teerth offers you the opportunity to explore and relive Sai Baba's life like never before

Sai Teerth Situated in the holy town of Shirdi, Sai Teerth is India's first devotional theme park dedicated to therevered saint Sai Baba. The devotional park brought to you by the Malpani Group is a perfect amalgamation of devotion,technology and entertainment. Four custom-built, world-class themed attractions amaze visitors with their grandeur, innovation and attention to detail. Teerth Yatra - A spiritual journey across 10 devotional temples of India.

  • Lanka Dahan :-   Sai Teerth, India's 1st devotional theme park in Shirdi brings to you Lanka Dahan a spectacular 5D experience recounting the adventure of Hanuman in Lanka. Hanuman was the son of Vayu, the God of the wind, and a celestial nymph named Anjana. While still an infant, Hanuman tried to fly up into the sky and grab the sun, mistaking it for a ripe fruit. Angered by his act, Indra the King of the Gods struck Hanuman with a thunderbolt for his mischief. The thunderbolt hit Hanuman on his jaw, and he fell to the earth.

    His father Vayu upset over this incident withdrew his powers. The lack of air led to immense suffering to all living beings. Eventually Lord Shiva intervened and resuscitated Hanuman, prompting Vayu to return to the living beings. To make up for his act Indra granted Hanuman a boon that his body would be as strong as his Vajra. Along with Indra other Gods too granted him various boons making Hanuman an immortal, with unique strength and powers.

    When Hanuman continued to misbehave, he was cursed to forget his magical powers until he was reminded of them. When the demon King Ravana abducted Sita, Lord Ram gathered an a search party of monkeys and bears to look for her. Hanuman led the monkeys to help Lord Ram, recover his wife, Sita, from the demon Ravana, King of Lanka. Having been reminded of his powers by Jambavan, the King of the bears Hanuman was ready to fly across the ocean to Lanka to prepare for the Lanka Dahan.

    Lord Ram gave Hanuman his ring, to give to Sita to authenticate his message. Hanuman prayed to his father Vayu and jumped. The curse now lifted, Hanuman remembered all of his godlike powers. He transformed into the size of a mountain and flew across the narrow channel to Lanka. What followed is the Lanka Dahan which has been depicted by the Lanka Dahan movie at Sai Teerth. Come witness the heroic feat of Hanuman as he battles through adversity to save Sita. Lanka Dahan is one of the star attractions at Sai Teerth enjoyed by audiences of all ages. The Lanka Dahan 5D movie brings the adventure of Hanuman to life with added elements including air, water, motion, sound and touch. Come experience Lanka Dahan Ramayan only at Sai Teerth in Shirdi.

  • Sabka Malik Ek :-  The giant theatre features a cinema screen of size 36 feet by 72 feet. A specially made hour-long film based on the life of Sai will be presented here multiple times every day to suit your time. The theatrical experience will be one of the finest that moviegoers have experienced in any of the best theatres across India.

  • Teerth Yatra :-  India's 1st devotional theme park in Shirdi, Sai Teerth brings to you the Teerth Yatra an entrancing journey across India. Witness ten distinct temples that span the length and breadth of the country and pay your obeisance in one breath taking ride. India has a rich tradition of temple building originating thousands of years in the past. From North to South and East to West, Indian temple architecture spell-binds the visitors with its sheer beauty. All these ancient temples are pivots of worship and devotion, where millions of devotees visit to find peace and solace in their lives. During these a diverse India unfolds and people, language, music, culture, food, dresses, everything changes along the route as we travel.

    The Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple is a must visit attraction when you visit Shirdi but once you've witnessed the wonder of the Shirdi Mandir you have the opportunity to behold the beauty of ten more devotional spots of India right here in Shirdi. Spread in a huge indoor complex of 40,000 sq. ft, this dark ride will be one of its own and will give an overwhelming experience to every visitor. From Kedarnath, Badrinath in the North, to Tirupati and Meenakshi Temple in the South and From Dwarka in the West to Puri in the East, and Pandharpur in the Centre, these religious hubs depict the true diversity of India. Shirdi will now not only be known for the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple only but the enchanting beauty of ten more temples only at Sai Teerth, Shirdi.

  • Dwarkamai :- Imagine Saibaba himself coming to life, and speaking to every visitor present in the park - every devotee's wish and dream come true! This unique show of 10 minutes has been created using world-class animatronics and robotics and show control technology which will make visitors breathless.

    The ancient Dwarakamai structure has been created as it was 100 years ago for this show. With a seating capacity of 250 visitors, this show is surely the attraction you will be looking forward to most.

Teerth Yatra A spiritual journey across 10 devotional temples of India.

Show Time
10.00 am TO 11.30 am
11.45 am TO 12:15 am
01.30 pm TO 02.00 pm
04.00 pm TO 04.30 pm
04.45 pm TO 05.15 pm

Lanka Dahan Relive Lord Hanuman's epic adventure in Lanka in 5D

Show Time
12.30 pm TO 1.30 pm
03:00 pm TO 04.00 pm
05:30 pm TO 06.30 pm

Sabka Malik Ek The life and teachings of Sai Baba retold on the giant screen.

Show Time
10.00 am TO 06.00 pm ONE ROUND ONLY

Dwarkamai :- A life-like interaction with Sai Baba in a never before seen humanoid avatar

Show Time
11.30 am TO 11.45 am
12.00 pm TO 12.15 pm
02.00 pm TO 02.15 pm
02.30 pm TO 2.45 pm
04.30 pm TO 04.45 pm
05.00 pm TO 05.15 pm

Park Timings 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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