Panchmukhi Vishnu Ganpati Temple Shirdi

Shri Panchmukhi Vishnu Ganpatiji Shirdi  darshan is very aurpicious. This temple according to Sai babas order was conscreated by Shri Gyan Sai Kendra Trust Hyderabad. The protector of Shirdi is Mahavishnu, first puja is conducted for Lord Ganpati. Therefore people visiting Shirdi first darshan is for Ganpati and Mahavishnu which is known as Panchmukhi Vishnu Ganpati. Therefore first darshan one needs to do is for Ganpati and then sai baba.This Ganpati is in the form of Vishnu which has Shankum or Conch in left hand and Chakra in the right hand with Goddess Laxmi sitting on the hand. These are 3 attributes of lord Vishnu.Lord Ganesha is sitting in the posture of aadishesh. That is the reason the temple is named as Panchmukhi Ganpati.

The five attributes of Panchmukhi are Fire,water,air, earth and sky . This avtar is a special avtar after the end of kalyug. People come to Shirdi with loads of wishes and visit Sai baba Samadhi for their fulfillment. Out of which one of the wishes is fulfilled by wish fulfilling Ganpati. If you have any wishes you can first visit Panchmukhi Vishnu Ganpati or Ganesha and speak in the ears of the mouse, females can speak in the left ear and males can speak in the right ear and keep their wishes to themselves for 40 days and it is said the wishes come true / FUlfilled and one need to visit the Wish Fulfilling Panchmukhi VIshnu Ganpathi  temple Shirdi again for thanksgiving.