Abdul Baba Samadhi

Abdul baba came to Shirdi in l889 or l890 when he was around twenty. His parents, who were very poor, had given him into the care of a fakir. It is said that Baba appeared to the fakir in a dream, gave him two mangoes and asked him to send the boy to Shirdi. When the fakir woke up, what should he find beside him., but the two mangoes he had seen in his dream. He duly sent Abdul to Baba, who greeted him with the curious words, "My crow has come ".

Abdul Baba was a dedicated worker, he cleaned the mosque, swept the streets outside it, kept the lamps burning in Lendi, washed Baba's clothes and collected water. Baba cared for abdul like a father and took on the responsibility for his welfare. Abdul used to sit reading the Koran in the mosque, and Baba sometimes asked him to recite passages aloud. Abdul obeyed Sai Baba's instructions to the letter and kept a notebook in which he wrote down Baba's teachings and comments.

After Baba's mahasamadhi, Abdul Baba moved into a room on the first floor of Booty Wada (the Samadhi Mandir) and continued to serve by maintaining the tomb and keeping it decorated with flowers. To this day, Abdul Baba's family members are continuing the tradition of offering flowers to the Samadhi every morning.