Bhau Maharaj Samadhi

Bhau Maharaj was a much loved devotee of Sai Baba, who came to Shirdi in the last two or three years of baba's life. Bhau Maharaj was held in high esteem and many regarded as an avadhut. Bhau Maharaj used to maintain silence, but his loving nature, cheerful ness and kindness to all creatures made him popular with everyone.

Bhau Maharaj took it upon himself to sweep the streets of Shirdi and whatever money he had, he spent on others. Bhau Maharaj usually wore only a koupina (loincloth) and if anyone gave him clothes, he would hang them on trees in order to "clothe" the trees or provide shade for animals.

Similarly if anyone offered him food, he would give it away. Local people still sometimes take the earth from around his samadhi and mix it with castor oil as a general panacea for children.